Architectural Models at all Scales

Models are made of various materials including: wood, plastic, metal, foam, and many others. They can be made with very little detail (block models), or very high detail showing various textures, on both the inside and outside of the model. Models can also be lit-up altogether, or section by section. We are now using electronic design to feature moving elements, and lighting.

Laser Cutting

Awad Architectural Models features state-of-the-art laser cutting machines and offers laser cutting services to all design studios. It's as easy as sending over some CAD files and specifying the material. Clear acrylic, vinyl, and wood are available in a variety of thicknesses on hand. To see available materials click here. We are currently running 2 Universal Systems Laser cutters with a bed of 32" x 18", and 1 Universal Systems Laser cutter with a bed of 48" x 24". With multiple staff members manning these machines, turnaround is quick. For complete specifications and proper file setup please view our Laser Cutting Guidlines

Z-Corp 3D Modeling

New to the family of Awad services is Z-corp Three Dimensional Models. These models can be made with quick turnaround time, and high detail. Once bonded theses models are solid show pieces to be used at your next presentation. The maximum size for a Z-corp 3D Model is 10 x 14 x 8 inches.

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